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Quality Products and Services, Lower Cost and Quick Delivery

The motto of our company is Quality Products and Services at Low Cost and Quick Delivery. Based on our many years of expertise in many industries such as steelmaking, nonferrous metals, construction, ceramics, cement, electric equipment, chemicals, machinery, and civil engineering, we have been delivering innovative and high-quality goods such as Composite Industrial Refractory, High Temperature Boiler Refractory, Steel Making Refractories, Industrial Fine Ceramic Refractory, etc. We have an excellent reputation not only in Japan, but all across the world. Also, by following highest quality standards we are able to achieve ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications. 

Environmentally Conscious

The slogan of our company is- We contribute to the long-term growth of human society by protecting the environment. In July, 1998, we became the first ISO 14001 certified refractory company. The prefectural government designated us as Environmentally Conscious Company.

Our Concept & Pioneer On Advanced Materials

Our company is always progressing towards making new mankind ambitions a reality by meeting head-on with developing innovative technologies. Our main products are Steel Making Refractories, Composite Industrial Refractory, Industrial Fine Ceramic Refractory, High Temperature Boiler Refractory, etc., which are required in industries that operate at extremely high temperatures. In addition, we are making strides in domains such as fine ceramics, matrix composite of metal and ceramic, advanced carbon materials, and other equipment applying advanced materials.

Our Team

Our committed team has never let us down and has always prioritized on increasing our productivity. Each member of our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in the business. We are able to develop the greatest selection of refractories thanks to the persistent hard work and devotion of our team.

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